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  • AMA UNIVERSITY: CHED Authorized Delivering Higher Educational Institution for the K to 12 Transition Program

    AMA University Project 8 QC Main Campus

    The Philippines is implementing a major educational reform, moving from K-10 to K-12. In line with this, Commission on Higher Education CHED has different programs during the transition period (K-12 Transition Period). The graduate education scholarships for faculty and staff is one of the programs. The graduate education scholarships for faculty and staff has goals to mitigate impact on labor and to upgrade qualifications of faculty. (https://chedk12.wordpress.com/scholarshipdownloads/)

    To execute this program AMA University is one of the CHED approved Delivering Higher Educational Institutions for the K-12 Transition Program Scholarships in the following programs:

    1. Doctor of Information Technology ( DIT )

    2. Master in Information Technology ( MIT )

    3. Master of Science in Computer Science ( MSCS )

    AMA University welcomes IT educators and professionals to continue their higher studies in the above listed and other graduate programs.

    Contact AMA University for more information:

    AMA University Main Campus
    Adress: Maximina St., Villa Arca Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon City
    Tel nos. (02) 359-0262 | (02) 330-0378 | (02) 496-17363
    Email: scambat@amaes.edu.ph | info@amaes.edu.ph
  • AMA Computer College receives Gawad Kaagapay Award 2016

    AMA Education System Chairman, Dr. Amable R. Aguiluz V receives the prestigious Gawad Kaagapay Award by Land Bank of the Philippines in an awarding ceremony held at the LBP Hall, Land Bank Plaza, Manila.

    The Gawad Kaagapay Award for Oustanding Large Corporates (Non-Agri Based) was awarded by Land Bank of the Philippines Board of Directors and Executives.

    In photo: (From left to right) LBP Board Dir. Tomas de Leon, Director Crispino Aguelo, National Treasurer Bobby Tan, OIC Cecile Borromeo, AMA FVP Angel Montes, Jr., AMAES Chairman Dr. Amable R. Aguiluz V, Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez, Director Gerardo Bulatao, LBP SVP Edward John T. Reyes and AVP Emma M. Brosas.

  • AMA Education System pioneers blended learning system for Senior High School

    ACLC College San Pablo Senior High
    AMA Senior High Class at ACLC San Pablo
    Another first for the Digital Citizens of the 21st Century

    Today, Grade 11 students enrolled in one of the AMA Education System (AMAES) schools are experiencing 21 st century education where they learn two ways: via a teacher in the classroom and via e-learning online. This is called Blended Learning, a mode of instruction used in many parts of the world accessible to everyone. Of the 200 AMAES schools worldwide, 121 are offering Senior High.

    (News Clipping: Published on The Philippines Star, July 3, 2016 issue.)

    Blended Learning at AMAES as early as the 90s
    In the mid-1990s, AMAES introduced in-campus e-Learning utilizing the Novell computer network operating system. By 1998, AMAES took the lead again by partnering with CISCO, the largest networking company in the world, to deliver Internet- based skills training on computer networking. Two years later AMAES further enhanced its e-Learning capability by forming two invaluable alliances, tapping two of the leading global providers of e-learning content: Smartforce and Intralearn which allowed the creation of e-classes and enhanced learning via the Internet. In 2004, AMAES made a bold move by pioneering Blended Learning through the use of satellite technologies in partnership with Mabuhay Satellite. Under this model, highly qualified experts in their respective fields conducted simultaneous classes from a central location to all the over 150 AMAES schools nationwide. This leveled the playing field by allowing AMAES students from the far-flung areas like Cotabato and Laoag to have access to the same experts and learning materials as their Metro Manila classmates.

    Education without borders
    In 2015, right after the passing of the Philippine Education Law, AMAES pioneered full online degree education program catering to students, not just in the Philippines, but anywhere in the world. No-classroom classroom… education anytime, anywhere without the need for physical classrooms, just the magic of satellite, Internet and handheld devices.

    Blended Learning in and out of the classroom
    This school year 2016-17, AMAES Grade 11 students are experiencing Blended Learning in and out of the classroom— 50% with teacher in school and 50% online. Three days a week, they study in the classroom. The other two days, they study online on their own at their chosen place, time and pace giving them the opportunity to better understand a subject matter before moving on to the next topic.

    AMAES IT-driven education
    Dr. Amable R. Aguiluz V, Founder and Chairman Emeritus of AMAES, is recognized as the Father of IT education in the Philippines because he paved the way for computer education in the country. From the time he opened the first computer school in 1980, he knew that technology is the wave of the future. Thus, he stuck to one simple, focused, forward-looking formula for all the different AMAES schools: whatever courses or programs are being offered, they must be IT- or technology-driven with international partnerships to ensure that all AMAES graduates are globally competitive.

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