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    Any alumnus(a) of AMA may be nominated for the Outstanding AMA Alumnus(a) Award. Previous recipients of this award are no longer eligible for nomination.
    Nomination Process

    1. An alumnus(a) may be nominated by the AMA Alumni Association, an individual alumnus(a), any academic department of the University/College or by an individual faculty member.
    2. Section D 1-4 of the nomination must be limited to three (3) pages.
    3. Around July of each year, communication from the Alumni and Placement Office will be sent to members of AMA Alumni Association seeking nominations and set deadline for submission of nominations.
    4. Nominations will be considered for a period of three (3) years. Nominations may be extended for an additional three years by submitting new nomination materials.
    5. Nominations using printed materials should be addressed to:
    AMAES Alumni Affairs Office
    #59 Panay Ave., Quezon City
    Nominations by email should be sent to alumni@amaes.edu.ph; djlfigueroa@amaes.edu.ph.

    Nomination Packet and Selection Criteria
    1. Biographical Information – Name, current title and affiliation, current position/responsibilities, address and phone number of the nominee must be provided.
    2. Significant Contributions – Briefly discuss the most significant contributions and/or accomplishments of the nominee since graduation. The nominee must be well-known and/or respected in his/her chosen field. This usually implies that the person would have received other awards in recognition of this performance and contribution. The nominee does not necessarily need to have high name recognition in the community or organization, the nominee must have achieved a certain level of accomplishment, admiration and respect in his/her profession, vocation, philanthropy, community services and/or personal achievements.
    3. Education – List all the degrees awarded to the nominee, where they were obtained and in what field of study.
    4. University Involvement – List honors, awards, clubs and activities associated with AMA University and AMA Computer College.
    5. Supporting Materials – Current and complete resume of the nominee must be provided.
    6. Nominator Information – Name, address and phone number of the nominator and a maximum of three (3) letters of support must be provided.
    7. Selection Committee – The AMA Alumni Executive Committee shall invite reputed personalities including non-alumni to be on the selection committee. To address the diverse disciplines and roles in which AMA alumni are active, the selection committee will have eminent people representing physical and social sciences, engineering and information technology, academia, industry and research. The selection committee will also have representation from key officers of AMA.