• AMA UNIVERSITY: CHED Authorized Delivering Higher Educational Institution for the K to 12 Transition Program

    AMA University Project 8 QC Main Campus

    The Philippines is implementing a major educational reform, moving from K-10 to K-12. In line with this, Commission on Higher Education CHED has different programs during the transition period (K-12 Transition Period). The graduate education scholarships for faculty and staff is one of the programs. The graduate education scholarships for faculty and staff has goals to mitigate impact on labor and to upgrade qualifications of faculty. (https://chedk12.wordpress.com/scholarshipdownloads/)

    To execute this program AMA University is one of the CHED approved Delivering Higher Educational Institutions for the K-12 Transition Program Scholarships in the following programs:

    1. Doctor of Information Technology ( DIT )

    2. Master in Information Technology ( MIT )

    3. Master of Science in Computer Science ( MSCS )

    AMA University welcomes IT educators and professionals to continue their higher studies in the above listed and other graduate programs.

    Contact AMA University for more information:

    AMA University Main Campus
    Adress: Maximina St., Villa Arca Subdivision, Project 8, Quezon City
    Tel nos. (02) 359-0262 | (02) 330-0378 | (02) 496-17363
    Email: scambat@amaes.edu.ph | info@amaes.edu.ph