Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Program Objectives
In three to five years after graduation, the BS Business Administration alumni shall:

1. Practice as successful business administration professionals for the advancement of society; and
2. Promote professionalism in the area of business administration.

Student Outcomes (SO)

The program must enable the students to attain the following by the time of graduation:

a. Perform basic functions of management such as planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and
b. Apply the basic concepts that underlie each of the functional areas of business (marketing,
finance, human resources management production and operations management, information
technology, and strategic management) and employ these concepts in various business
c. Select the proper decision making tools to critically, analytically and creatively solve problems
and drive results;
d. Express oneself clearly and communicate effectively with stakeholders both in oral and written
e. Apply information and communication technology (ICT) skills as required by the business
f. Work effectively with other stakeholders and manage conflict in the workplace;
g. Plan and implement business related activities;
h. Demonstrate corporate citizenship and social responsibility;
i. Exercise high personal moral and ethical standards;
j. Analyze the business environment for strategic direction;
k. Prepare operation plans;
l. Innovate business ideas based on emerging industry;
m. Manage a strategic business unit for economic sustainability; and
n. Conduct business research.

Possible Careers:

Industrial Engineer
Planning Engineer
Methods Analyst
Systems Analyst
Design Engineer
Quality Engineer
Project Analyst
Information Analyst
Productivity Consultant/ Specialist
Operations Research Analyst

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