About AMA University and Colleges

AMA University is a top choice for IT based education in the Philippines.

Member of the AMA Education System. Offers Senior High School, Bachelor’s Degree, Graduate Programs and Online Education (Distance Learning).

5 Reasons Why AMA University Remain to be a Top Choice for Excellent IT Education:

  • A pioneer in the field of IT education (Founded in 1980)
  • Quality Graduates (graduates are among the highest paid employees in the country based on jobstreet data)
  • Reputable Industry Partners (Microsoft, Google, Cisco, etc.)
  • Advanced Learning Method (Offers online education)
  • Highly Accredited by Private and Goverment Institutions (CHED, PACUCOA, ABET, etc.)


About the AMA Education System

The AMA Education System is a leading provider of IT-based education in the Philippines, and its flagship institution, AMA University and Colleges, is a member of this esteemed system. Founded by Dr. Amable R. Aguiluz V in 1980 and named after his father, Hon. Amable M. Aguiluz, AMA has become the largest network of colleges and universities in Asia, producing graduates who are highly competent in various technologies and applications needed in the industry.

AMA’s focus on IT education means that technology is integrated into all of its programs, providing students with an advantage in the use of different industry-required business applications and making them tech-savvy. The AMA Education System is dedicated to providing quality education that prepares students for promising careers, and as the pioneer in IT education and online learning in the Philippines, AMAES offers a holistic, high-quality education to produce graduates who are ready to meet the demands of the times. This commitment to excellence has made AMA Education System a reliable and trusted provider of education in the Philippines.


Carry the advantage of being tech-savvy and be globally indemand.
Be an AMAer and walk with competence.


Consistent to its reputation of being a pioneer in computer education in the country and a respected institution for IT-based education, AMA University has earned the following certifications and accreditation from different reputable organizations:

• Recognized as Center of Development in Information Technology by CHED

• ISO 9001:2008 Certified for all programs

PACUCOA Accredited for the following programs:
– BS Computer Science (Level IV)
– BS Information Technology (Level IV)
– BS Computer Engineering (Level II 2nd RA)
– BS Business Administration (Level II 2nd RA)
– AB Mass Communication (Candidate Status)

ABET Accredited for the following programs:
– BS Computer Science
– BS Information Technology
– BS Computer Engineering
– BS Electronics Engineering


AMA University is a member of the AMA Education System and the first in IT education and full online education in the Philippines.